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California moves to require solar panels on all new homes

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California is a step closer to a 100% renewable future, always thinking of reducing pollution and reducing carbon emissions while increasing jobs in the field of renewable energy. On Wednesday (05/05/2018), the California Energy Commission unanimously approved a decision requiring new homes and low-rise buildings to include solar panels.

The rule will take effect in January 2020. The warrant still needs the approval of the Building Standards Commission, which will be enforced. If California is legislating, it stands alongside Hawaii as the two extreme states that have 100% renewable energy use by 2045.

Like homes built in the state they are equipped with solar energy systems. According to the “Building Efficiency Standards” standard, as of 2019, they cost $ 19,000, energy costs and maintenance in 30 years.

The Energy Commission estimates, however, that homeowners will only see an additional $40 to monthly mortgage payments. At the same time, the commission said they will save $80 on heating, cooling and lighting costs per month.


The new mandate does offer exceptions where solar power is not feasible or cost effective, such as homes located entirely under shade. Builders will have the option of adding solar panels to individual homes, or building shared power systems for a group of homes. Current homeowners would not be required to add solar to existing homes, though many in the state have done so using government rebate programes.

With a new measure, the state of California can be issuance considerably. The measure should be disclosed in 115,000 cars moved to one of the next stages. California has invested over $42m in solar energy to date, and the mandate will likely give a further boost to the solar industry statewide.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) already ranks California as the top state in the US when it comes to solar energy. Nearly 16% of the state’s electricity last year came from solar. Abby Hopper, SEIA president, said on Twitter that California’s mandate demonstrates “that promoting home solar makes sense”.


The California Building Industry Association has been working with the Energy Commission on the new standards for the past decade, according to ABC News. The Building Standards Commission is expected to make a decision later this year.

Lynn Jurich, co-founder of solar installation company Sunrun, told the New York Times that large market expansions like this make it “very cost effective to do”. “There’s also this real American sense of freedom of producing electricity on my rooftop,” Ms Jurich told the Times. “And it’s another example of California leading the way.”

California is already ahead of schedule with its long-term energy goals: the California Public Utilities Commission reported that they will likely meet the 2030 goal 10 years ahead of schedule.

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