Plastic free water bottle decomposes in three weeks

Water bottles are plastic waste as soon as the drink is over and are the responsible by the environmental problems of the oceans. According to the sponsors, Ban the Bottle, bottled water can take 400 to 1,000 years to decompose. In addition, it takes three times the amount of water to produce a plastic bottle than fill another bottle. But many intelligent and environmentally conscious people are creating great ways to combat the problem.

One is James Longcroft, 27, who invented a 100% plastic-free biodegradable water bottle called Choose Water. And the best part is that the bottle decomposes in just three weeks.

The alternative of environmentally friendly paper to the destructive plastic bottle will also not leave microfibers in the ecosystem, which can enter the food chain and harm marine life, as you can see in that article. Made from sustainable materials, the bottles do not use fossil fuels for their creation and are not harmful to the environment when degraded.

Choose Water states, “No matter where these bottles end up, whether in the ocean or in landfills, they end up in a few months. They do not leave toxic microparticles behind or leach heavy metals into the environment. “


To guarantee the functionality of the product, an impermeable lining has been developed that allows the storage of water in the bottle that has the exterior composed of paper.

The formula for producing the bottle material is secret and complex, and took six months to develop and another six to be improved. Despite keeping the production process secret, Choose Water guarantees that the material does not contain plastic in its composition, which allows the disposal of the bottle does not cause damage to the environment, since the decomposition of the material takes two to three weeks, both on land and at sea.

Choose Water was set up as a social enterprise, which marketed bottled water to raise funds for charitable projects that provided access to safe drinking water for the people they needed. This is how a partnership with Water For Africa, an organization based in the United Kingdom and the Gambia, was developed to support projects that provide water for African populations.


As a result of this partnership, any proceeds from the sale of Choose Water products are covered by funds for Water For Africa. Pins, t-shirts, reusable bags and tickets for launching parties are some of the products that the company sells, in addition to the bottles without plastic. With this, the goal is to expand the marketing of the bottles and save the oceans one bottle at a time, while fulfilling a social role.

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