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This is eDumper: the largest electric vehicle in the world that is also self-sufficient

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The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) and the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) recently announced the entry into operation of what is considered the world’s largest electric vehicle. The eDumper can also be self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to an advanced braking energy recovery system.

EDumper went into operation at a quarry in Péry, Bern, Switzerland, in early May / 2018, weighing over 58 tonnes and having a conveying capacity of 65 tonnes. The development of the eDumper was done in record time, in little more than 18 months, and was counted on the support of several important partners of the European industry.

The massive vehicle beats records, including the world’s largest wheeled, battery-powered vehicle and the world’s most powerful electric vehicle. This required the creation of the largest battery ever produced for an electric vehicle, weighing more than 4.5 tons.

Every year, eDumper will carry more than 300 thousand tons of rocks, and its life time will exceed 10 years. This corresponds to a saving of 500 thousand liters of fuel and a reduction of 1300 tonnes of carbon fiber optics.


In addition to a high-efficiency electric motor, the eDumper incorporates an advanced braking energy recovery system. He can, on the descent, generate enough energy for the climb.


According to the eDumper preliminaries climbs a slope totally unloaded, but on the descent comes loaded with 60 tons of ore. Thus, the consumption is 30 kWh in the climbs, while the descents in addition to not consume energy, the electric motor continues to generate 40 kWh, using the electric motor as the generator that is fully charged in the batteries. So, we have an electric vehicle that produces more energy than it consumes! This is awesome!!


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