The construction of the theme park Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The dream is beginning to take shape! Do you remember the post we talked about Star Wars theme park: Galaxy’s Edge?

Disney Parks unveiled the first images of the construction site at the incredible Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, located in Anaheim, California. The buildings, bridges and other structures of the massive complex, designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm Story Group, are spread over more than 16,000 square meters.

The park will represent an outpost on the planet Batuu, an unprecedented element in the Star Wars universe that will allow visitors to come in contact with smugglers, bounty hunters and adventurers as well as travel the mythical Millennium Falcon and face the Empire in the hangar of a Star Destroyer .

The small movie, less than a minute away, shows a truly busy construction site, with the evolution of the hills, towers and buildings that will include the different amusements of the park visible.


The completion of the construction and official opening of the Star Wars theme park: Galaxy’s Edge is planned for the end of 2019.

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