Chinese build train station in less than 9 hours

Would you believe it would be possible to do a train station in less than a month? And in less than a week? Pay attention because this is unbelievable: There is a video circulating on the internet that shows a team of Chinese working on building a train station – and do you know how much they took to finalize the project? Unbelievable 9 hours!

A train station was built in just nine hours by 1,500 workers in China.

Organised with military precision, the project which reportedly took place over the weekend, was completed in the southern Fujian Province.

Seven trains and 23 diggers were used in the huge construction project at the Nanlong Railway Station in the south China city of Longyan, the Xianhua News Agency reported.

Longyan CUR aerial diggers 01.jpg

Workers were split into seven units to take on seven simultaneous tasks, according to Zhan Daosong, a deputy manager at China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, the communist country’s main railroad construction company.

The high-speed Nanlong Railway line is under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Around 152 miles long, it will provide a main transport link between the south-east of the country and central China.


The railway is designed to support trains travelling at speeds of up to 124 mph.

The project is one of series of impressive infrastructure projects completed by China in recent years.

Two years ago, the world’s largest radio telescope began searching for signals from stars and galaxies and, perhaps, extraterrestrial life in the remote Pingtang county in southwest China’s Guizhou province.

In fact, it is an army of people performing their tasks in a cadenced fashion so that everything goes as scheduled. Check out:

Measuring 500 metres in diameter, the radio telescope is nestled in a natural basin within a stunning landscape of lush green karst formations.

It took five years and $£129m to complete and surpasses that of the 300-meter Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, a dish used in research on stars that led to a Nobel Prize.

The country has also completed the Tianhuangping hydroelectric project, which is the biggest in Asia and plays a vital role in supplying power to eastern China and The Guangzhou Opera House, one of its three biggest theatres was opened in 2009.


We know that this project took a lot more time to complete and can also have many serious consequences like serious accidents. This amount of people working together is very dangerous and if not well organized can have serious consequences.

Do not try to repeat that. It is something extremely specific and has been studied for a long time so that, at the end of the process, they could demonstrate this efficiency.

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