LEGOLAND Japan creates cherry blossom tree using over 800,000 LEGO bricks

Japan is an amazing place!!!! We love it!!!

It’s springtime in Japan, and what better way is there to commemorate the season than by setting a Guinness World Records title for the Largest LEGO® brick cherry blossom tree (supported)?

This successful attempt was achieved at LEGOLAND® Japan – the Nagoya-based theme park wanted to celebrate its first anniversary with style by creating a Japanesque work using LEGO® blocks.

At really its a world record-breaking model of a cherry tree built from 881,470 LEGO bricks.

Measuring 4.38 metres-tall by 5.42 metres-wide, the impressive construction weighs over 3000 kilograms, including the bricks themselves and an internal steel frame created to sustain and support the model. Its creation took 75 master model builders a total of 5204 hours, and designers spent a separate 1521 hours designing the LEGO sakura tree.


The LEGO Sakura tree was built in a large model shop in Kladno, a city near Prague in Czech Republic, before being disassembled into six large parts and shipped by truck to Luxembourg.

From there, the tree’s parts were loaded into two separate Boeing 747-8 cargo planes and flown to Nagoya in Japan, where the LEGOLAND theme park is celebrating its first anniversary.


“I’m excited to showcase the world’s largest LEGO brick cherry blossom tree. I hope that visitors enjoy a piece of Japanese culture in LEGOLAND Japan-style,” Torben Jensen, president of LEGOLAND Japan told Guinness World Records upon learning about the official record being set.

After more than 6,700 hours of hard work, the LEGO® tree was shipped to Japan for final assembly.

The tree also features a set of lanterns (made of LEGO®), which light up during the evening.It´s very interesting!!!! This is Japan!

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