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I Photographed 20 Kids As Their Favorite Emoji, And The Results Are So Much Fun

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As a mum of two boys who live for YouTube and their games console, it struck me how different their childhood is to my own in the 1980s.

Sometimes with all the technology in their lives, it feels like they’re speaking a different language.

Emoji seemed to embody this for me – they are a universal visual language that transcends national barriers, but not always the age barriers!

I’m a UK-based photographer specializing in kids portraits. Emoji felt like a great inspiration for engaging with my pre-teen subjects.

Visually, emoji are colorful and fun which is a perfect match for my photography style. I’m also known for imagery that captures moments of emotion and emoji were a great source of facial expressions.

I chatted with the kids to find out their favorite emoji (although many of them wanted to do the poo emoji, which didn’t really fit the aesthetic of my project). We then had lots of fun capturing the images.

I hope they put a smile on your face and brighten your day!

More info:

20 kids pose as their favorite emoji

Cheesy grin

Smiley winking face




Cool dude


Kiss kiss




Eyes rolling

Shock horror




Love hearts


Eyebrow raised


Tongue out

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