Did You Know: the weirdest things astronauts have seen in space

Did you know already talked about space. We talked about the sandwich (that nearly killed everyone), we talked about the car to space and about Elon Musk… But this text is about the weirdest things astronauts have seen in space. From a smattering of stars to a breathtaking view of Earth, astronauts see so many awe-inspiring things […]


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The most important facts about elephants that you should know!!

One of the best known animals, elephants are amazing animals. The following are the most important facts about these animals that you should know: • Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. • Elephants generally do not have predators (animals that eat them) due to their massive size. Newborn elephants are however vulnerable […]

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Holography and Invisibility? Scientists are close to making theory a reality!

On the last January 19, the Science published an article called “nanoparticles and gyromagnetic gels” and is the result of a joint project of 3 years between a University of Michigan (EUA) and Federal University of San Carlos (UFSCar – Brazil) on a discovery of a nanoparticle compound of cobalt oxide synthesized in the presence […]

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